Class Descriptions


Hot Power Yoga

is a great class to get your blood pumping, establish the mind/body connection and focus on the present moment. Derived from Ashtanga (a set series of postures taken through a flowing transition where your breath is your guide) Power Vinyasa is perfect for the novice yogi all the way up to the advanced practitioner. Heat is set to 95 degrees.

Yin Yoga

This passive and relaxing class encourages you to sink into your stretches for 3.5-5 minutes at a time in order to lengthen the ligaments and tendons, allowing our body to feel open and have a better range of motion. 

Perfect for athletes, fitness enthusiasts, desk worker, and everyone in between. 

We have both unheated and classes

heated to 105 degrees to help fully relax the muscles. 

See out schedule for unheated classes.

Sculpt and Tone

Sculpt and Tone is the perfect class for your workout for the day! Vinyasa Flow for lengthening the muscles and increasing cardiovascular training, weight and resistance training to increase your strength and balance, and deep relaxing stretching to leave you feeling complete.

Lightly heated to 85 degrees to warm the muscles and increase your calorie burn! 

Slow, Steady, Strong

is a rejuvenating yoga class that guides you on a mental and physical journey through slow, calming flows and inspiring poses. Some postures are held a little longer to give the student space to find and adjust to their own fullest expression of that pose. Options are offered for all levels of practitioner, from beginner to the more advanced. Explore your inner warrior, work to your own personal edge, be kind and gentle to yourself along the way, and ultimately discover increased strength, flexibility and resilience in both body and mind. This class is all about being true to yourself, practicing yoga with purpose, cultivating mindfulness. If you breathe, you qualify. Appropriate for all levels.

Bhakti Vinyasa

Bhakti combines chanting of mantras, meditation and postures; that are synchronized with breath; in a dance-like flow. Yoga philosophy and life-affirming themes are woven throughout the class to help you discover a sacred and personal understanding of who you really are. Moving mindfully with breath, kept time by the music, Bhakti brings you to a state of present-time awareness. By breathing space into your life where you can find compassion, love and great gratitude. Bhakti is a place to begin again. This class is not only good for the body, it also nourishes the heart and soul.

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