Current Schedule (updated 3/13/2019)


Weekly Schedule


9:30a Hot Power *95 w/Jamie

12p Slow Flow for Back Health w/Christina

2p Advanced Playshop w/Nya

4p Yogis Choice w/Unity's teachers in training (starts 3/25)

5:30p Monday Mashup w/Jennifer

7:30p Sculpt and Tone *80 w/Katie


8a Invigorating Morning Vinyasa w/Brittany

9:30a Gentle Yoga w/Margaret

12p Tone and Flow *85 w/Jamie

4p Hot Power Flow *85 w/Nicole

5:30p Slow. Steady. Strong w/Jennie

7p Yinyasa *85 w/Jamie


8a Tone and Flow *85 w/Jamie

9:30a Bhakti Vinyasa w/Christina

12p Hot Power *95 w/Jamie

2p FLOW w/Nya

5:30p Hot Series *105 w/Karen

7p Hot Power *95 w/Jamie


8a Invigorating Morning Vinyasa w/Brittany

9:30a Slow. Steady. Strong w/Jennie

12p Yin *105 w/Karen

5:30a Ashtanga Vinyasa *95 w/Ashly

7p Candlelight Yin *105 w/Ashly


8:30a Hot Power *95 w/Jamie

10a Hot Pilates *85 w/Karen

12p Tone and Flow *85 w/Jamie

2p BURN w/Nya

4p FLOW w/Nya


9a Empowering Vinyasa w/Natalie

11a Yoga Fusion w/Natalie


11a Brunch Flow *95 w/Jodie

4p Yin *105 w/Ashly

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Upcoming Events

March 31st Prep and Play Arm Balances and Inversions w/Nya