Memberships & Pricing

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  • Unity Unlimited Membership $108 monthly auto renewal (3 month minimum)  Sustains and supports 
    • Includes unlimited classes each month
    • Free towel rentals
    • Discounts on workshops and events.
  • Student/teacher Unlimited Membership $89 auto renewal (3 month minimum)
    • Special discounted pricing for college and high school students as well as school teachers.
    • Included the same perks as the platinum membership!
  • Unity Supporting Member $78 monthly auto renewal (3 month minimum) 
    • For those practicing 8 or less monthly. 
    • Includes all the perks of being a Unity Member.
  • CommUNITY Member $50 monthly auto renewal (3 month minimum)
    • for those practicing once weekly, or less than 5 times per month.
    • includes all the perks of being a Unity member! 

Cancellation policy is 30 day written notice sent to

No refunds will be given for membership charges within the 30 day notice.  Auto-renewal discounted memberships are a 3 month minimum. Early cancellation requires a physicians notice, or proof of relocation.

If there is not an option affordable to you please reach out to Our Unity Member tier provides us the means to provide a limited number of partial scholarships each month.

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  • Unity Drop-in- $20
  • Student/Teacher drop-in $15
  • Supporting Drop-in- $15
  • CommUNITY Drop-in-$10

Drop-ins offered on a sliding scale for all classes. Choose the option you can afford.

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